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Technologies That Will Become Common On Sites By 2030
almost 3 years ago

Technology is advancing as we speak. It has been doing so for centuries and it will never stop. With the popularity of the web and websites, we can see that a big slice of that technology advancement is focused on the same thing, on websites. Here we will discuss which technologies will become standard by 2030 or even sooner.

    1. AI or Artificial Intelligence

AI or artificial intelligence is in the first place due to the fact it is already being used in the simple form. For instance, when you contact customer support on some sites including real money online casinos you can see chatbots like here that can solve basic problems. This is just the beginning. In the near future, we can expect completely automated customer support that will solve any issue, like a support agent today.

AI will also transform how websites are used. Users can get specific promotions, ads, services and so much more according to their predispositions, how they feel, what they want, and more. AI will also help you get an answer when you need it the most instantly.

    1. VR (Virtual Reality)

VR is something that started big but has slowed down over time. Nevertheless, VR will have a huge effect on the websites in the near future. Just imagine a site where you can see a product in VR how it looks, how it will look on you, or even how it was made.

The biggest effect here is on the games. It refers to both, gaming and gambling and the results are equally impressive. First of all, games will be developed in VR allowing players to enjoy completely, to imagine they are in the Virtual Reality world. In gambling, players will be able to get the same experience as in any mortar casino. You can move around the casino, play games while surrounded by avatars controlled by actual people and so much more. There are no limits.

It is important to add that augmented reality will come first and it will be a giant step forward. It may be used alongside VR or completely separately.

    1. Voice and motion UI

This is something Samsung tried many years ago and many new cars or gadgets use it today. When it combines with websites, we can see that a user will be able to control the complete website using his voice and/or gestures.

For instance, you can tell the website that you want to play a specific game. Move your hand to the left to swipe pages or you can use a finger to scroll down a page. There are no limits here and you may be able to use a complete website, with all of its features without having to touch a PC or smartphone.

    1. Conclusion

These are just a few technologies that will soon become available across websites on the web and almost all casinos. There are any more technologies that will come as well, so keep your eye on the latest upgrades, innovations, and developments.

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